“What we are is the Creator’s gift to us. What we become is our gift to Creator.”

Advanced Healers Program


The intention of this program is to enrich, support and deepen the way we live our life as healers and health care professionals through practicing the teachings of Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology through the template of the Medicine Wheel of Life. The interrelated teachings weave the elements in a grounded manner, providing the student with an integrative holistic approach to life and their professional practice. Our intention is to bring together all the aspects of healing in order to stabilize a unified energy field that is powerful, clear and focused. The unified energy field supports us in navigating the times we are living in on professional, personal and collective global levels. The program is designed as a mentorship, empowering each participant through experience and apprenticeship-style learning. Emphasis is given to fully embodying the teachings through discussion, readings, homework and feedback. The student/apprentice is requested to commit to both self and attending the entire program.

Practices include developing transformational healing skills through anchoring them in the integrative elements of:




Potential Students and Qualifications for Registration:

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Rosa Bergola

Rosa is a Holistic Health practitioner and teacher of Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology. She is a graduate of the Natural Health Consultant Institute, The Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science and also The Peacemaker School, USA., where she earned her ministers certification in peacemaking.

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Jane Ely

Jane Ely, D. Min. is a spiritual teacher and healer receiving training in energy medicine, dream and guided imagery, psychodynamics, peacemaking skills and, skillful means to support personal transformation including counseling skills in being with dying for individuals and families.