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Advanced Healer

“What we are is the Creator’s gift to us. What we become is our gift to Creator.”


The intention of this program is to enrich, support and deepen the way we live our life as healers and health care professionals through practicing the teachings of Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology through the template of the Medicine Wheel of Life.


Jane Ely, D.Min, Rosa Bergola

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Energy Medicine Workshop and Ecopsychology

The intention of this program is to build a strong foundation for practitioners and or individuals to engage their true potential in their life. The program will build from one year to the next as we delve into the teachings of the Medicine Wheel.


Rosa Bergola

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Vision Quest

This is a ceremony of sacred silence, listening, visioning and prayer. This Vision Quest is held in the ancient ways of our ancestors as taught to Dr. Jane Ely from childhood. It is a traditional ceremony.


August every year

Ceremonial Elders:

Dr Jane Ely, Rosa Bergola, Roddey Cohn

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