Healing is a dance of souls, a remembering of who we really are and where we came from

Holistic Health Practitioner Montreal

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Rosa Bergola, Holistic Health Practitioner

Holistic Health Practitioner Montreal offering spiritual counseling, grief work, energy medicine, peacemaking skills, conflict partnership, applied kinesiology, conscious transformational dying and mediation. Also workshops teaching these skills to groups and in ongoing programs.

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Advanced Healer Program

The intention of this program is to enrich, support and deepen the way we live our life as healers and health care professionals through practicing the teachings of Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology through the template of the Medicine Wheel of Life.

3 Year Program

Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology

The intention of this program is to build a strong foundation for practitioners and or individuals to engage their true potential in their life. The program will build from one year to the next as we delve into the teachings of the Medicine Wheel.

4 Year Program

Vision Quest Ceremony

This is a ceremony of sacred silence, listening, visioning and prayer. This Vision Quest is held in the ancient ways of our ancestors as taught to Dr. Jane Ely from childhood. It is a traditional ceremony.

11 days



I sit here reflecting
on how the universe
gives us opportunities
to stop, slow down,

There is a deep
upon the earth
right now,
the city’s hum
has dissolved,
replaced with
as I listen to the
earth breathe again
from the depths
of hersoul.

I feel a new experience
in my visceral body,
space to feel
in a deeper way.

Acknowledging the TRUTH, intentional Truth Revealing itself through confusion and uncertainty.

Rosa Bergola
March 2020

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Follow the link below, and read more free poetry by Rosa Bergola. Also find out more about her poetry book "Awakening to the Peace Within" available on Amazon.

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The Peacemaker School of Canada

The Peacemaker School of Canada is a bilingual non-profit, ecumenical, spiritual and educational organization. Our mission is to foster peace, healing and community building in the world through teaching, embodying and practicing peacemaking skills.

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What People Say


Francine Romano

“I highly recommend Rosa Bergola. She is a compassionate and attentive to her clients needs. She helped me a lot on my healing journey. For me Holistic health was an amazing alternative to help me heal. Beyond satisfied with Rosa as my holistic health practitioner!”